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Just because we've let men get away with a lot of things doesn't mean we should let them get away with this.Unlike it might appear in man's skewed view of the world, women are not always lying around naked.These are our bodies, our lives and it’s our right to refuse the toning, tanning and snapping.When did men obtain the right to ask women for such intimate and over-sexualized requests?“I sent my first one at 15,” I recently overheard some 20-something regale her friends with over happy hour gin and tonics.“I can't believe you've never sent one,” she teased one of the girls.Her confidence and casualness with the topic made the girl second-guess her “prudish” ways; yet I heard, in the back of her throat, the defeat and sorrow in her words.

When did women start acquiescing to the daunting and perverted request until it got to a point of normality?Just because we've succumbed to the Internet culture doesn't mean we've lowered our standards for men.Just because we have Tinder and Hinge doesn't mean we can treat women like a photo to be swiped over.Most men, however, have a tendency to jump the gun and ask for it two dates in.It's one thing to ask the girl you're dating for one, it's another to ask the girl you met last night at the bar.

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Because, as every sensible woman knows, you’re not asking for the picture for sentimental reasons…

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