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You need to be rich, groomed, interesting, successful and aged between 30 and 55.

“Although if you’re say a really cool 60-year-old you’re welcome,” says Knudsen enthusiastically.

’ It was a really shocking wake-up call,” says Knudsen who, at 45, with her high cheekbones, long blonde hair and coy yet slinky manner still exudes pure Bond Girl glamour.

She couldn’t face internet dating and now, after a decade of failed relationships, including a four-year romance with billionaire Skype co-founder Janus “Frisky” Friis, Knudsen finds herself single once again.

The launch party is being held at Loulou’s, the celebrity Mayfair bolthole where Cruise, Clooney and Moss are on the secret membership list and William and Kate are regulars, as is Knudsen herself.

“We like to think of ourselves [at Ochun] as a sort of extension of Loulou’s, as these are the kind of members we’d like to attract,” she says.

People in London are so time-poor and if you didn’t grow up here and don’t know the right people, we will organise things for you.Ochun (pronounced oh-chun) is named after the goddess of love and diplomacy in the Nigerian Yoruba religion and officially launches next month.With an already saturated dating market — more than 2,500,000 names appear in a second after typing “dating agencies London” into Google — Knudsen and her business partner, ex-hedge funder Richard Steele, have decided to make it so high- end that most of us simply won’t make the grade.She and Steele, who dated for a year before deciding they were better as business partners, will interview all prospective applicants.“The sort of people we instantaneously gravitate towards are successful and interesting — if they’ve opened a really cool restaurant or if they’re excelling in the City, if they’re an up-and-coming actor or if they’re a really successful sportsperson.

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  1. Vaak kun je unieke informatie uit een profiel halen en deze informatie inzetten om bijvoorbeeld een originele openingszin te creëren. Complimenteer, maar hou het bescheiden De derde tip kun je zowel on- als offline toepassen en werkt altijd. Tijdens een date kun je je date met van alles en nog wat complimenteren.