Reasons to take a break from dating

While on the surface, there seems to be no harm in this, but a deeper look reveals several flaws.

We date every person we are attracted to who returns our interest.

Elizabeth’s work has been has been featured on Your Tango, Digital Romance, Fox News Magazine and tons more.

She is author of ‘How to Get a Boyfriend: Your Foolproof Guide to Attracting Your Dream Relationship’ and ‘Make Your Man Stay Forever: Your Foolproof Guide to Lasting Love’ both available on Amazon right now. After 10 interesting years of navigating the dating world, she has settled down with her feisty husband and unruly dog.

The Dating Game We have grown up in a world where some of us start to date even before we are able to understand what 'love' really is.

If you’re having trouble getting past rejection, here’s how to do it better. They can start acting like everyone they come across is their new boyfriend. A big sign this is you is when you’re reading dating advice and then making comments like “I’m so happy single, I’ve found I never need to meet anyone ever again.” Okay, nice, I’m genuinely glad you’re happy, but if you were really that thrilled with being single, why are you reading all about relationships?

I love writing online dating profiles for clients to help them and the singles online see the best of them!

Your life a wild ride, so you might as well make it EPIC!

I love to write about dating, love, relationships and sex.

I have helped thousands all over the globe with my dating and love advice.

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