Relationship advice for women dating younger men

But you have to have shared interests if you want to build something real together.4.Education This can make a bigger difference if you're highly educated, and he's still trying to figure out what he wants to do "when he grows up." But if he's smart, seen a bit of life, traveled around the world, enjoys learning new things, has a broad range of interests, then you'll probably be able to enjoy lively conversations.If you've learned to be responsible, but he never has, he's going to get impatient when you can't spontaneously run off and play when he wants to.This is especially true if you have children and he never has.I guess I'm kind of an expert in this arena because I've been involved with a younger man for the past two and a half years. He's 23 years younger, which is probably a bigger gap than most couples.The crazy thing is how perfectly suited we are to each other and how well we match on every level, even though, on the surface, it would seem like we'd have very little in common.

One of the members of my Inner Circle asked me to write about being an older woman involved with a younger man because she's dating someone younger.

He's just never had to think about anyone but himself.3. But if that's all you've got going, it's not enough to build a relationship on.

Interests And Activities If your younger man is still in the party mode, going to clubs, drinking until all hours with his buddies, or is obsessed with things like extreme sports, you might have trouble finding things you both enjoy — besides having sex. If you have enough interests in common, then it's healthy to have your own, separate activities.

One of the things Stephen has enjoyed is learning from all of the life experiences I've cultivated.

It's helped him open his eyes to new ways of thinking, caused him to develop new interests and helped him see the world through a wider lens.5.

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If he's never been married or lived with a woman, he's never had to deal with what's "expected" of him.

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