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John Ireland, who worked at KSPN with Kalusa, had just talked to Ray twice during the previous week.“He was a great guy who was always positive, always upbeat.She can be heard reporting on news impacting Orange County every half hour during morning drive, and noon weekdays.KSBR broadcasts on frequency 88.5/fm and on the internet, as well as i Tunes.“After a long courtship with the station, I called Ray to thank him for the offer, but that I had decided to turn him down.He insisted that I come to his office and meet with him and John Davison, just close the negotiation in person. By the time the meeting ended, Ray was so convincing that I had changed my mind and we went on to make a lot of money together over the next few years.” Steve said he had “just spoken to Ray last week by phone…we were talking about ‘old times.’ Ray was a ‘radio guy’ through and through.I am not being pushed out or fired, it is simply the end of my contract and all obligations have been complete.10 years is a long time to spend in one place and in order to keep evolving as a spiritual & creative human being, it is simply time to close this door so that new ones can be opened.

is now a full Russian citizen -- with a passport to prove it.

He later continued his on-air stint at KCPX-Salt Lake City, as evening and morning air talent, plus md/apd duties.

From Utah, Ray headed to Reno's KWNZ where he was pd and afternoon air talent.

His first gig in California was working as md/apd and the midday shift at San Diego's KKLQ (Q106), then becoming music director and apd at San Diego's KIOZ.

A graduate of the University of Notre Dame where he played baseball, Kalusa grew up in Chicago where he became a die-hard Cubs and Bears fan. He actually went to a Lakers game with my dad when I couldn’t go one night.” “I used to tease Ray he was the equivalent of a ‘gym rat’ at the radio station – a ‘radio rat’ – he would get there early and not leave until 11 p.m. He loved talking to everybody and giving everybody in the building nicknames.

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  1. "Golden hellos," or hiring bonuses for executives from rival companies, are intended to compensate a new hire for the loss of value of stock options provided by his/her current employer that are forfeited when they joining a new firm.