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Their conversation was recorded by digital video cameras for airing in an upcoming episode of A&E's "Paranormal State," which premieres with back-to-back episodes at 10 p.m. The series follows Buell and his team as they investigate reported hauntings, including this one in the Witzel house (circa 1820), home to Peter and Kim Sokolowski and their family.

During her tour of the house with Buell, Sellers said she sensed that the ghosts disapprove of Larry visiting Ali.

She does get upset and will let people know she's around. She's just an old-fashioned-type." After A&E initially ordered 13 half-hour episodes of "Paranormal State," another batch was produced this fall, bringing the total to 20 half-hours, a vote of confidence in a program that has yet to air.

Making the show is a job for PRS investigators, who are paid for appearing in "Paranormal State." (PRS does not charge homeowners for their ghost hunting.) PRS tech specialist Sergey Poberezhny, who graduated from Penn State in August, played a Red Hot Chili Peppers song on his laptop between filming scenes at the Jacob Witzel House last year.

His approach is down-to-earth enough to trump some skeptics. "It's like, 'UFO' doesn't mean 'aliens,' it means unidentified flying object." Co-executive producer La Garde said, "He's not one of these people where everywhere he goes there's a ghost.

PRS has a 200-page manual, Buell says, that offers operating guidelines and criteria for selecting cases. Last week we shot an episode and there was definitely no ghost." Buell received his undergraduate degree in journalism in May 2006.

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