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There is substantial evidence demonstrating the damaging impact of negative feedback on employee attitude, performance, goal commitment and satisfaction.If this is the case, then why would employees want negative feedback, as the research suggests? Employees are motivated to improve job performance when feedback is delivered in a constructive and considerate manner.Given that the point of feedback is to improve performance, research supports the components of this framework as providing a distinct advantage.Even if corporate America doesn’t uniformly value advice from the sages, it certainly recognizes their potential byproducts: productivity and increased revenue.

Employees were most motivated to improve when they received negative feedback that was constructive and respectful.

’ At the second gate, ask yourself, ‘Is it necessary? ’” In other words, as long as managers always ensure their feedback is unbiased, essential and civil, it’s almost certain to be effective and help an employee grow.

And it’s a philosophy supported by existing research.

Researchers have consistently found that bias - conscious and unconscious - influences our views of others.

Personal bias clouds our perceptions so profoundly that employee performance ratings often reveal more about the person conducting them than the person being rated.

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