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Yet, as an ecumenical ministry it found time and space in many of its printed materials to rail against the Church. The question now is, will those that were enthralled with this Shrine, accept Church authority or continue to follow a ministry that has officially been condemned?Would Jesus and His Blessed Mother and the saints choose Sweeney-Kyle to give the Catholic Church a tongue-lashing? I myself have visited a couple apparition sites that proved to be false.

The final Church proclamation comes as no surprise.

( ) After an angry backlash of emails telling me how wrong I was, I promised never to write about alleged apparitions again.

In addition, there are a number of followers in the area where I live who were irritated by my observations.

I understand this sort of devotion although I’m much more cautious these days.

Yet, if everyone had awaited an official pronouncement from the Church, the 60,000 people that witnessed the Miracle of the Sun in Fatima, Portugal would have stayed home that day.

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