Strict parents on dating

Do this a few times - it will allow your parents to get adjusted to the idea that their little girl is hanging out with - gasp! Source: Shutter Stock Honestly, sometimes it doesn't matter what you do: your parents are going to say no. It sucks, but they're your parents, and you have to respect what they say.

Are your parents unreasonable, abusive, or just a bit too conservative?

Show them you're mature enough in all aspects of life. If it's that they are just uncomfortable with the whole situation, tell them you will hang out with him at your house a lot. But whatever you say you're going to do, you HAVE to follow through. Source: Shutter Stock Parents are so annoying sometimes that they make you want to tear your hair out...

and that is when you start throwing temper tantrums. Crying or yelling to get your way isn't going to work.

It makes sense that you feel a sense of relief when your parents are out of the house.

Your parents have put all this time and energy into you – you better be a good return on their investment! Which will inevitably lead you to having a breakdown.

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