Updating apple memory

Using Terminal to do this can run faster and smoother than duplicating file contents with Finder.

Another neat trick - if you add the -V (verbose) command, so your Terminal command will look like this: ditto -V /old/path/ /new/path/ Terminal will actually print out a line with each content copy telling you the details of each item it copies over.

Then you can access that Folder from your desktop when you need those icons and keep them in easy reach, but also keep your desktop simple, clean, and uncluttered.

Command-Shift - Simply highlight the files you want in a group, either by clicking and dragging around the group or by selecting each icon with Command-Shift held down.

You can also quickly manage your apps from this screen.

While hovering on a particular app, either with your mouse or by selecting it with the Tab key, you can hit “Q” to quit without having to actually switch to that app.

Handy if you want to know more about exactly what all is in your folder as it's being copied over.

/System/Library/Frameworks/Core Services.framework/Frameworks/Launch Services.framework/Support/lsregister -kill -r -domain local -domain system -domain user Your Mac is not always the best about keeping duplicate content to a minimum.

This will swiftly place all those icons together into one tidy folder, keeping like items together and within easy access. Whenever you save a document in Word, Powerpoint, Excel (and most other formats), a small file icon appears in the top center of the tool bar by the file title.Even better - if you drag the icon to a message in Mail, it will automatically add it as an attachment.Option (or Alt) - Maybe you need to make a copy of a file rather than move it - you can easily do this too, just with drop and drag.If you hold down the Option (or Alt) key as you click the icon and drag it, and instead of moving the file, you will simply copy the file to it's new destination.This is a nice shortcut and works for all icons with Finder as well.

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