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Hot fixes are not permanent -- they are temporarily stored in memory during the game session and lost upon exiting Borderlands 2.

To ensure that you receive hot fixes, make sure that your system is connected to the internet when Borderlands 2 boots up.

It also delivers plenty of critical hit damage bonus, resulting in lots of damage given and not much taken.

The Critical Ascensi0n (TIER 6) skill also provides for ridiculous damage when facing bosses with big Crit spots.

Velocity (TIER 3) and F0ll0wthr0ugh (TIER 3) both give very solid weapon DPS bonuses.

As with the first game, Borderlands 2 allows players to complete a campaign consisting of central quests and optional side-missions as one of four treasure seekers, "Vault Hunters", on the planet Pandora.

Key gameplay features from the original game, such as online collaborative campaign gameplay; randomly generated loot, such as weapons and shields; and character-building elements commonly found in role-playing video games are in Borderlands 2.

If you want to use guns but don’t want to give up Zero’s snazzy skills, this build is for you.

This build is for players who don’t want to give up the aforementioned snazzy Assassin skills but still want to use shotguns.

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