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Actually, it's the same way you _install cygwin_ ..

Just faster because you don't have to download as much.

They can be used both from the bash shell (provided) or from the standard Windows command shell.

Cygwin can be expected to run on all modern 32 bit versions of Windows, except Windows CE.

For information about getting a Red Hat support contract, see

Keep in mind that Cygwin can only do as much as the underlying OS supports.

Because of this, Cygwin will behave differently, and exhibit different limitations, on the various versions of Windows. There you should find everything you need for Cygwin, including links for download and setup, a current list of mirror sites, a User's Guide, an API Reference, mailing lists and archives, and additional ported software. Parts are GNU software (gcc, gas, ld, etc...), parts are covered by the standard X11 license, some of it is public domain, some of it was written by Cygnus and placed under the GPL. You don't have to pay anyone to use it but you should be sure to read the copyright section of the FAQ for more information on how the GNU General Public License may affect your use of these tools.

To find the version of the installed Cygwin DLL, you can use output and the Cygwin User's Guide for more information.Note that when we say "free" we mean freedom, not price.The goal of such freedom is that the people who use a given piece of software should be able to change it to fit their needs, learn from it, share it with their friends, etc.This included Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 as well as XP/2003 and the WOW64 32 bit environment on released 64 bit versions of Windows. A native 64 bit build of Cygwin has also been available since mid-2013.If your platform will run both and you are not sure which to choose, the 64 bit version is likely to be faster.

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Once you get the hand of it though, it will probably only take two minutes to grab a missing package.

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