Updating data in a linked table

Right now the data type is Text, but if I use External Data Linked Table Manager and go through that process they update to Date/Time.

(I'd like to have a function that will flip between dev and production, so I don't consider the above route to be an option.) Access/VB isn't my strongest skill anymore, but from MSDN (this and this) it seems like "~TMP") Then Debug.

If you are connecting to Share Point Online, set the Share Point Edition to SHAREPOINTONLINE along with the User and Password connection string properties.

I'm making some changes to the structure of the data and would like to programmatically update the linked table reference.

However, with the code I'm using, after doing what I would expect would refresh the linked tables I'm not getting updated data types for a particular table.

For more details on connecting to Share Point Online, see the "Getting Started" chapter of the help documentation Follow the steps below to create a linked table, which enables you to access live My Custom List data.

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Changing the name in the Power Pivot window does not affect the link.

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