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Older releases maintained two versions ("primary" and "alternate"), so that you could switch between the two (accepting any strange side effects caused by a software downgrade, not really supported by OLPC or the software that it ships).You can avoid olpc-update from deleting old versions in any situation by marking them as sticky, e.g. There is no need to reboot or restart after purging the alternate build.Trying irsync_pristine update from rsync://updates.laptop.org/build-build-number - Cleaning tree. If "irsync_pristine" fails, it will try "irsync dirty update", and then try "Performing full rsync".

For example: Downloading contents of build build-identifier Updating to version hash xxxx Making clean /versions/updates/... The olpc-update program uses several methods to update.As of release 11.2.0, olpc-update only keeps 1 software version available by default (i.e.the old version is deleted after booting into the new version for the first time).Due to its fail-safe design, olpc-update must store all of the changed files in the release that you are updating to, alongside the existing release that you are running, for a short time.olpc-update cannot complete if there is not enough disk space available.

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