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I had, like, a stick with a handkerchief with some dry, stale bread in it and that was all." Attempts At The Big Time: "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" (2009), "John Carter" (2012), "Battleship" (2012), "Savages" (2012) Where Did It All Go Wrong: Poor Taylor Kitsch has, despite only a handful of credits to his name, become something of a byword for this kind of actor, after Hollywood stacked a lot of chips on him last summer, most of which they failed to recoup.

The Canadian former model had a few movie credits to his name—teen comedy “John Tucker Must Die," "The Craft"-with-bros thriller "The Covenant" and the infamous "Snakes On A Plane"—when he was cast as running back Tim Riggins in the TV translation of "Friday Night Lights." The series was a huge critical hit and Kitsch was an immediate standout, brooding and charismatic.

But short of a Matthew Mc Conaughey-like turnaround (and let’s not forget, much of this would have applied to him a few years back and now he’s the lead in Christopher Nolan‘s new film), we suspect it’s going to be a long time before Hollywood tries to push him as a major box-office draw again. Reynolds told Details Magazine in 2011: "I’m in a very lucky and fortunate place…

Indeed, quite the reverse: soon afterwards, Kitsch was cast as the title character in Andrew Stanton‘s "John Carter," a much-anticipated Disney tentpole.If it seems like a far cry from Pandora for Worthington, well, that’s because it is.Nothing to do with the quality of the film, but just in terms of the whisper-quiet buzz it’s getting, which Worthington’s presence alone should have beefed up if his stock in Hollywood meant anything at all.This week, a small-scale indie Australian surfing movie called “Drift,” which details two surfing brothers struggling to overcome their debt-ridden backgrounds and avoid a descent into criminality, opens in limited release.It shares almost nothing in common with the Biggest-Movie-Of-All-Time “Avatar” except its star, Sam Worthington, who in fact plays third lead here behind two largely unknown Aussie actors as the brothers.

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