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In 1977, at fourteen years of age, Whitney Houston was featured as the lead singer on the 's single "Life's a Party".Zager subsequently offered to help obtain a recording contract for the young singer, but Cissy declined, wanting her daughter to finish school first.Then in 1979, at age sixteen, Houston sang background vocals on cite news | first= Joy | last= Duckett Cain | title= The Soul of Whitney |date=December 1990| publisher= Essence Magazine | url= accessdate= 2008-02-15 | language= English cite web | last = Christgau |first = Robert | author-link = Robert Christgau |title = Material |publisher = Robert | url = name=Material|accessdate = 2007-12-12, Arista's label head, to take time to see Houston perform.The album had become an international success, selling over thirteen million copies in the United States alone and becoming the best-selling debut album of all time by a female artist.To date, the album has sold approximately 25 million copies worldwide.[ [] ] At the 1986 Grammy Awards ceremony, Houston was nominated for three awards including "Album of the Year".

Some producers were not deemed right by the label, others passed on the project due to prior news|first=Bud|last=Scoppa|title=The Long Road To Overnight Stardom|date=December 1986|publisher= Billboard Magazine" The Year In Rock '86|url= accessdate= 2007-03-17|language= English entitled "Hold Me", which appeared on his album, "Love Language".and Aretha Franklin as a backup singer, her father would spend most of the time with the children.At the age of eleven, Houston began to follow in her mothers footsteps and started performing as a soloist in the junior gospel choir at the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, where she also learned to play the piano.Debut: 1985–1986With production from cite news | first= Don | last= Shewey | title= Whitney Houston Music Review| date=September 1985| publisher= Rolling Stone Magazine| url= accessdate= 2007-03-17 | language= English cite news | last = Holden | first = Stephen | title = Critic's Choice; Pop Music | newspaper = New York Times | pages = A2 | year =1985 | publisher = New York Times | date = May 12 1985 accessdate =2008-03-05 ", peaked at #1 and would introduce Houston to the MTV audience thanks to its video.This would make the singer one of the first African American female artists to receive heavy rotation on the network.".

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