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The rest of the other finalists to whom they have been voted off before (the runner-up) also get recording contracts, too.

The basic premise behind American Idol, a talent show in which a large number of contestants battle it out to get a recording contract, is one that has inspired a number of films and television shows.

New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski may have recently split from Camille Kostek.

Bengals Player Devon Still's Daughter Leah Has Beaten Cancer!

No longer do we believe that the top ten is actually a reflection of our tastes (in fact many articles have been published to the effect that the pop charts are rigged), and the RIAA no longer has sole control over how we hear artists.

In fact, independent, underground recording labels have seen their business explode tenfold since the MP3 revolution, and for the first time in history, the advertising of recording artists has truly become a level playing field.

Covers of top-forty filler songs that were not even relevant to the audience back then will prove very little.The problem is that the idea is one rooted firmly in the 1960s, when the Recording Industry Assocation of America was relevant, people's tastes were so underdeveloped that one genre would capture most of the world's attention, and the so-called top ten actually reflected what people were buying.But the revelations of the past twenty or so years have turned that entire notion on its head. Iraheta has been honing her sound since her TV days. The flame-haired singer finished in fourth place during "American Idol" Season 8 and became fast friends with Adam Lambert.

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See full summary » Aspiring singers perform auditions in front of 4 coaches who have their backs turned to them.

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  1. Though Nick ribs others at times, in fun, I'm sure he has a thick enough skin to take some flack (bad choice of words), regarding media snooping into his life. But I hope we're not going to see sort of half-baked denials and backpeddling.