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READ MORE Flavor Flav won't have to do time for racing to his mother's funeral. Flav was pulled over in New York back in January 2014 doing 79 in a 55 mph zone. READ MORE Is Flavor Flav now a part-time flight attendant??? It all went down on a Southwest Airlines flight from Phoenix to Vegas on Saturday -- when Flav decided he…

because if you can't speed to your mom's funeral ... Flav says he was late for the funeral earlier this month ...…

We're not sure why anyone would even try and close the doors over at Flavor Flav's Chicken & Ribs, because you can't just stop something as awesome as that!

But that's what happened when Flav's landlord shut it down and evicted him.

He is also known for popularizing the role of the hype man and for yelling "Yeah boy! A musical prodigy, he sang in the youth choir at his church and mastered the piano, drums, and guitar at an early age. He set a house on fire as a small child while playing with a lighter; by the time he dropped out of school in the 11th grade, he had been in and out of jail for robbery and burglary. who came busting out right after Flavor Flav's latest arrest -- and the video of his "audition" is just awesome. READ MORE Flavor Flav was arrested early Thursday morning in Las Vegas by highway patrol and got nailed for so many alleged crimes ...

Flav graduated from culinary school in 1978, and has cooked in several restaurants. it might be easier to tell you what cops didn't pin on him. READ MORE In a tradition as time-honored as the Fourth of July itself, Flavor Flav was once again busted for having illegal fireworks.

He attended Adelphi University on Long Island where he met Carlton Ridenhour, who would become known as Chuck D. Flav -- who has been getting his fireworks shows busted up since…

Flavor Flav took his stage If the producers behind 'The People v. READ MORE Flavor Flav is begging the judge in his speeding case for mercy ...

I brought her on the show and my little son, you know, we just had a baby. So I’m not mad.” Flav and Liz appeared on VH1’s Couples Therapy back in 2013, where Liz revealed the lowest point in their relationship was discovering that Flav had, unbeknownst to her, signed contracts for his dating shows.Brigitte guest-starred on 'Flavor of Love' as well.Jamie King (Jamie Foxx) is an aspiring actor from Terrell, Texas, who has come to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment.But, he got slammed for much more than going 73mph in a 45mph zone! Filed under: Personally Perez • Beyonce • Kanye West • Miley Cyrus • Kim Kardashian • Dolly Parton • Jay Z • Neil Patrick Harris • Snoop Dogg • Photos! • Food • Nick Jonas • Medicine • Dog • Goat • Giraffe • Eden Wood • J. Hilton • GIFs • Instagram • Vine We've been teasing it a lot lately, but we really are so excited to be working on our top secret project! But sometimes, even the most famous of us "accidentally" shoplift, evade their taxes, and drive drunk, among other crimes. Not only has he been arrested for assault, on top of numerous other things, he went ahead and made sure that he was in the headlines by providing all of us with the lovely mugshot above.Flav got booked for six different misdemeanor charges, including DUI, speeding, have a bogus registration, driving with a suspended license, drug possession AND having an open alcohol container in his car. • Marina and The Diamonds • Momma Perez • Halloween • Flavor Flav • Shoes! We think you're gonna love it when it's finally finished, and we couldn't be more proud. Well, Flav isn't alone, because we have put together the 19 worst celebrity mugshots of all time!

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