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I didn’t want my right name on TV, you know, as it was.” So how did Brescia get stuck with being called Justin Bobby?viewers may believe it was Lauren Conrad’s BFF Lo Bosworth’s doing, but that wasn’t the case. “It was misconstrued ‘cause it happened with Audrina actually, ‘cause she knew me as Justin,” the 34-year-old says.

Once deemed “a man so great he needed two names,” Justin Brescia, aka “Justin Bobby,” became tangled in RELATED: 'The Hills' Cast Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary, Reveals 7 Fakest Storylines “I think it was a blessing ‘cause I wanted an alias from the very get-go,” Brescia tells ET’s Ashley Crossan of his infamous nickname, “so it ended up working out really well.

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"I would like to be a young bride," admitted Bosworth...

Read Full Story Lauren "Lo" Ogilvie Bosworth (born September 29, 1986), is an American television personality and actress.

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