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I think one of the reasons that people may have a hard time dealing with "Enlightened" or figuring it out is because it’s asking a very deep questions about what are we trained to want versus what do we actually want.

After a longer-than-usual break, "Enlightened" returned recently for its second second paired with a compatible show, "Girls," which, this year especially, seems to suck up every available molecule of media coverage.

On Chuck & Buck: "The original nugget came from a scene early in the film where my character Buck grabs Chuck's balls.

I thought it would be a real uncomfortable thing to start a movie off with a scene of a guy grabbing another guy's dick. Not like in your typical Dumb-and-Dumber-type comedy or an earnest gay movie.

That settled it for critics, with Ebert-thwacking indie grump Lou Lumenick asking: "Does Diane Keaton owe some loan sharks a considerable amount of cash? The optimist in us has to move ahead assuming it's a rough patch, but so help us, if we her selling credit reports in a miniskirt on Pimp Ed Mc Mahon's arm, we'll come save her ourselves. , which Scott Rudin will produce and to which Paramount has attached Jack Black and director Richard Linklater.

Are there incriminating photos of her that she’s insistent never see the light of day? And the thing is, she's still so smart and funny and beautiful — too much so for all of this. And as opposed to White's cruel stonewalling last month, the plot is apparently now safe for public dissemination: Black returns as teacher Dewey Finn, who leads "a group of summer school students on a cross-country field trip that delves into the history of rock 'n' roll and explores the roots of blues, rap, country and other genres." No word yet as to whether or not Black will exercise his newfound clout to add in an If you observe Judd Apatow's pervy rom-com assembly line with even casual frequency, you probably don't need a Wikipedia entry to remind you how accusations of sexism and misogyny have plagued the writer-producer-director over the years.

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filed by onetime pal Laura Kightlinger has irreversibly damaged their relationship is just the latest reminder that the soul-devouring entertainment industry eventually gobbles up even the strongest of Hollywood friendships, sparing not even the bonds between formerly struggling, Jack Black-adjacent writer/performers who self-identify as borderline obsessive animal lovers.

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