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The situation is not as dire as it was a few years ago, when the app store was just starting to grow and was missing nearly every popular title.

Today, you can download many of the must-have apps, including , but they don't all have the same features -- or even work as well as their i OS and Android counterparts. Microsoft has the power to fix the app issues that plague Windows Phone to make the operating system better and more appealing.

In preparation for its release, the singer has released his parody of The Beatles’...

My Study Life uses the live tile to display your current and next classes and exams for the current day.

While Rogue One: A Star Wars Story followed a group of rebels on a secret mission to steal the Death Star plans, the Empire had its share of elite units as well.

If the live tile is not updating, it may be due to one of the following: To conserve battery life, Windows Phone limits the number of background tasks which are allowed to run (the number varies depending on your phone).

It was a unique feature, but due to a recent update to Facebook’s Graph API, Microsoft has been forced to shutdown all of its Facebook Connect features.

In a detailed support article, Microsoft notes that Facebook contact integration in, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone will no longer work.

"Contact information for the Facebook contacts shown will no longer be updated with information from Facebook," notes Microsoft.

The changes go even further than just the much loved Facebook contacts integration.

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