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Then, turn the machine back on and press the brushbar reset button.

You may then have to separately turn the brushbar on again.

There may be a problem with the electrics in your house, or the socket that you are using – try another one – or a trip switch may have activated.

These should generally only be checked by a suitably qualified person!

reduce) up to £2,000 per tax year from their employers Class 1 National Insurance (NIC).

The government expects up to 1.25 million employers to benefit, with over 90% of the benefit going to small businesses.

These include: If your brushbar is still not working after following the above steps, then you should contact your vacuum cleaner’s manufacturer for further assistance. Do you have a system for avoiding obstructions when vacuuming?

Tassels on rugs or curtains can cause the same issue, so make sure you give them a wide berth. The next step will depend on the style of upright vacuum cleaner you own.The final thing to try is to move the cable and see if the machine will come on.If the machine comes on then you will need to contact the manufacturer for further advice as this indicates a fault.“So, you’re vacuuming away and then, without notice, your machine switches off!After a few choice words you need to find out what has happened.

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