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A check or money order is only a promise to pay or provide funds.

When you deposit either in your account, in essence you are making a guarantee that the funds will be provided.

A Nigerian passport holder must hold one of three visas to even land in the UK: which means individuals can "be" in the UK for up to 24 hours.

This allows them to connect to another flight within 24 hours as long as their bags are thru checked and they have been checked into their connecting flight.

You will know within 5 minutes if it’s a scammer by looking at the profile, how they write/speak, their picture, they state they live in Nigeria, they confess their love in the first meeting, they claim God brought you to them etc.

Customs Officials do not fine the passenger for not having proper documents.Scammers change names, identities, the photos they steal and use more often than most of us change our underwear.There can be several scammers at any one time using the same name and photo to steal from their victims.After being scammed you are put on a “contact” list by the scammers.You will be receiving random instant messages and emails from people you do not know. Please tell them you know they are scammer and block them.

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